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Do Your Relatives Suffer from Sundowning?


Sundowning is a condition that is generally associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Also known as late-day confusion, it can cause people with Alzheimer’s disease to get more confused and agitated in the late afternoon and early evening, as compared to earlier in the day. In addition, your family members’ mood, restlessness, anxiety, and sleep disorders may be more pronounced during the later part of the day. Because of this, it might be difficult for family members to provide in-home care services on their own for affected relatives.

As a provider of premier home care in Overland Park, Kansas, we recommend that you get a professional caregiver to help you care for your family members. Dependable home care services allow your loved ones to receive compassionate, high-quality care while helping you meet your own responsibilities in other aspects of your life. Your relatives will not only get the independence that they want in their age; you will also have peace of mind, knowing that they are in good hands.

In the meantime, here are some tips from Destiny Home Care on what you can do to help reduce sundowning:

  • Stick to a schedule every day so as to help your relatives feel calmer and in control. If you really have to make some changes, introduce these adjustments into their routine as gradually as possible.
  • Keep them physically active while receiving skilled nursing care in Kansas. Sundowning may result from having trouble sleeping at night, so promote a good night’s rest in your loved ones by helping them stay active during the day.
  • Adjust the lights in their home since they may be experiencing sundowning as a result of changes in their sleep-wake cycles.
  • Adjust their eating patterns.

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