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FAQ: A Family’s Guide to Dementia

FAQ: A Family’s Guide to Dementia

Has your loved one been diagnosed with dementia? When this disease has affected your loved one, the adjustments may be overwhelming. But, by seeking in-home care services, you will have someone to guide you throughout the whole process.

Destiny Home Care has been providing home care in Overland Park, Kansas for numerous families. We are seasoned in caring for individuals with dementia and helping their families cope with the situation.

Through our experience, we’ve heard a lot of questions that are frequently asked by our clients. And now, through this article, we will answer them to share our insight with you. Here are some:

  • How Can I Communicate Effectively with My Loved One with Dementia?

    When their condition is not too severe, you can still communicate with them by speaking clearly and making your message straight to the point. That way, they won’t be confused or frustrated when talking to you.

  • Why Is a Routine Important for My Loved One with Dementia?

    Routines are important because it gives them a sense of structure and familiarity. Also, making them feel a sense of accomplishment when achieving tasks on their own is vital because it helps them feel still in control of their lives amid their condition.

  • Can They Still Live with Us Even if They Have Dementia?

    You can ask permission from their physician to let them stay at home. Also, you can seek help from an in-home care professional who is trained to care for dementia patients so that they can safely age in place.

Not only do we provide home care services, but we provide skilled nursing care in Kansas, too. Contact us to know more.

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