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Tips for Protecting Loved Ones with Dementia

Tips for Protecting Loved Ones with Dementia

At Destiny Home Care, we are of the firm belief that life must be enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone, regardless of their age or circumstances. In connection with this, we provide quality in-home care services so that we can help your relatives continue to live safely, happily, healthily, and independently at their chosen residences.

One of the superior services that we offer is home care in Overland Park, Kansas for clients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Our specialized care places greatly emphasize on engaging activities, minimal stress, and comfort routines, as we help clients deal with the limitations and unique challenges that come with their respective conditions.

In fact, here are two tips to help you keep your family members with dementia protected:

  • Assess and reassess

    Abilities can vary greatly among individuals with dementia. At the same time, they can also disappear all of a sudden. Hence, it is advised that you regularly reevaluate your relatives’ abilities to stay on top of their conditions.

  • Create a safe environment

    Since your loved ones may forget the purpose and function of things, we suggest that you install locks on cabinets and rooms that contain anything potentially harmful (e. g., toxic substances, medicines).
    For any additional query, our skilled nursing care in Kansas is at your service.

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