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Tips for Senior Relatives’ Bathing and Personal Hygiene

Tips for Senior Relatives’ Bathing and Personal Hygiene

Maintaining general hygiene and taking care of daily activities can become increasingly challenging as people age. As a result, they oftentimes require help in going through daily routines. In fact, one of the most difficult aspects of aged care includes bathing and personal hygiene, since the elderly normally feel embarrassed about having someone else take over in giving them a bath. Hence, as an agency providing top-of-the-line in-home care services, we have listed down a few tips:

  • Make sure to strike up a natural conversation

    After all, with the presence of a caregiver providing home care in Overland Park, Kansas, bathing is not going to be the most pleasant experience for them. That said, keeping the atmosphere friendly and their environment comfortable as much as possible is key.

  • Maintain their dignity

    This includes keeping their towels or clothes at the ready and putting these on as soon as they get out of the shower. For bed baths, uncover only the parts of their body that are being tidied up.

  • Create a bathing schedule

    Since not all geriatric individuals will need a daily shower, you must remember to pick up the timing and kind of bath that perfectly suit their health conditions. Additionally, make sure to keep their baths ready before bringing them into the tub or bathroom.

  • Use the right continence aids to supplement their skilled nursing care in Kansas

    For some seniors, controlling their bowel or bladder functions can be a struggle. Destiny Home Care, therefore, recommends that you have your loved ones utilize the correct continence devices. Change them regularly, too, to prevent infections. Consult your relatives’ general physicians for any further questions about their toileting needs.

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