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Tips to Avoid Incontinence: Healthy Bladder

Tips to Avoid Incontinence: Healthy Bladder

A lot of changes happen as we get older, including the changes in our bladder. According to the National Insitute of Aging, the elastic bladder tissue may toughen and become less stretchy when we age. When the bladder becomes less stretchy, it cannot hold much urine as before, making you go to the bathroom more often. And if your bladder wall and pelvic floor muscles have weakened, it makes it harder to empty the bladder fully, which causes the urine to leak.

As a provider of home care in Overland Park, Kansas, we’ve helped numerous clients with their incontinence issues. And although old age may come with its setbacks and other conditions that may cause your incontinence, we believe that it’s still important to keep it healthy.

If you need tips on how to do so, here’s what Destiny Home Care, a provider of in-home care services, suggests:

  • Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake.
  • Stop smoking.
  • As much as possible, prevent constipation by eating fiber-rich foods.
  • Exercise regularly and perform pelvic floor muscle exercises.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.

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